Well its been hell and ever and i dont think anyone ever gets on this but idc .

the only thing i would love to say is im in love with the most perfect person and he is freaking adorable.

Mark Steven Davis Jr.

i love him more than life itself


Well nothin exciting has happened since last entry-->>
I finally got to talk to buddy Mark Steven Davis Jr. today!! Yay
i miss him..........

Friends-->>Love them all to death and they are the best a girl could have I <3 you all =)
very much

Family-->> Everything is fine im sure...Hung out with sabrina sunday when we went to memaws and then down to aunt Monas who might i add was as high as a kite lol..hmm i could kill my lil brother he is sooooooooo annoying and if your my friends you know this im sure!* lol

Boys--> happy as every cause im not worrying about any of em and its summer so i really dont wanna a boyfriend cuz we all know what happens in the *SuMmER* lol i can live with out the heart ache every love ends with but i do admit its great while it lasts (if you dont choose assholes like me) lol *..hmm i guesss thats it on that.....

well im bored my shaina left me for the moment to go to walmart =( lol welll that all for now!!
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